Covid-19 Info

We would like to point out to EXPLIXIT that the PPE products purchased from DCHT GmbH are NOT medical products and that they are only used for self-protection. The products are subject to the PPE 2016/425 regulation.

COVID 19 Ag rapid tests may only be used by medically trained personnel.

COVID 19 ANTERIO NASAL tests are for personal use according to §323c / Abs. 18 BAO suitable.

COVID 19 Ag lay tests are approved by special approvals in accordance with Section 11 (1) of the Medical Devices Act (MPG) of antigen tests for self-use by laypeople (self-tests) for the detection of SARS-CoV-2

DCHT GmbH assumes no liability for any damage caused, such as leaked buffer solutions or elements in the packaging that are missing from the manufacturer. DCHT GmbH also assumes no liability for improper use or incorrect results of the tests.

By accepting an offer from DCHT GmbH, the above-mentioned information is accepted.

Orders cannot be canceled or returned.

The management, January 2021